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Machine Vision
Machine Vision
Machine vision brings much advanced capabilities in any machine or device. Waayoo has vast expertise in the development of image processing based applications. We can develop algorithms for detecting any kind of feauters in images and videos. Machine vision has many applications and serves as the gateway to AI development. Waayoo provides customize image processing based software and hardware development services.
Real Time Detection
As an embedded development firm, Waayoo knows how much power any machine vision task will take. We can suggest as well as design custom embedded platform which suits real time image processing capabilities. We expertise in the development of real time image and video processing software development.
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Factory Automation
Industrial image processing is often used for object identification to monitor and control the machine behavious in accordance with task which the machine is bound to perform. Like
- Process Control
- Identification for tracking and tracing
- Inspection system for product and packaging control.
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Quality Check
Using Image Processing techniques quality of a product can be maintained. To ensure end consumer gets the quality product, many machine vision based systems can be developed. Quality can be checked during filtering and packaging. Food processing needs highest quality which can be ensured with a real time embedded vision system.
We can detect if a fruit is proper ripped, a container is fully filled, no foriegn object in material, With machine vision we can achieve all. If you are looking for customize image processing based system, which can solve your problem. You can
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Medical Solutions
Wth image processing we can solve complex medical problems. From identification of anamoly in a x-ray, detection of bone fratures, Identification of diseases by analyzing blood and other samples. Machine vision can suggest the type of disease and remedies. For any kind of image processing based requirements kindly
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