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Waayoo provides customize Embedded development solutions of your need. We expertise in making high end embedded products for various fields including Automobile Sector, Medical, Warehouses, POS, Agricultre and Consumer Markets.
We develop solutions related to IOT, GSM, GPS, HMI, Wireless, RFID, Bluetooth, Smart Energy, Embedded Linux and much more. Know more about our solutions for -:
Embedded System Design & Development
Internet of Things(IOT)
Waayoo develops customize internet connected devices. IOT is next generation embedded system which provides greater control and monitoring facility over internet. Waayoo develops IOT applications on open source as well as proprietry technologies.
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GSM Solutions
If you are looking for customize embedded product with GSM facility, we can design and develop it for you. GSM based devices are used everywhere including in drones, burlar alarms, access control, monitoring, security and tracking etc.
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GPS Systems
GPS based embedded products gives great facility in tracking, monitoring and decision making. Almost all phones, cars, drones, school buses have gps enabled in them. Waayoo has expertise in the development of efficient GPS based products for any kind of requirement.
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Human Machine Interface
Embedded based Machines requires human interactions which can be of many kind. It can be voice operated, gesture controlled and hand touch based. Waayoo can design and develop any kind of human machine interface systems as per your product requirements.
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RFID Solutions
Radio Frequency Identification is being used almost everywhere whether it is access control, vehicle identification, inventory management, warehouse management or vehicle parking management. It can be used everywhere. Waayoo can design and develop customize low energy embedded hardware and software solutions based on RFID technologies.
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Wireless Solutions
Whether you need custom on-board wireless design, or looking for wireless build around zigbee, LoRa, Bluetooth, BLE, Wifi etc we works on all kind of wireless systems. We can provide you efficient customize embedded wireless solutions.
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Firmware Development
Waayoo has plenty of expertise on different type of microcontrollers including 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit. We can develop firmwares for barebone chips of any make. Our expertise include ARM, PIC, AVR, Graphic Processor, Image Processing Chips, DSP etc.
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Embedded Linux
When you are looking for the development of a sophisticated embedded linux based product, Waayoo has the right expertise for this kind of development. We expertise in customizing linux systems, porting kernels, device drivers development, embedded linux user interfaces etc.
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