Your Embedded Engineering Partner
Industrial - Solutions
Waayoo provides customize solutions in Embedded Development, Image Processing and Automation.

Embedded Development
Waayoo can develop embedded applications of any kind. We have vast experience in designing and development of products in this domain. From Microcontroller to Microprocessors, Firmware to Embedded Linux, Waayoo can provide you solutions in all of them.
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Machine Vision
Machine Vision is the demand of today's industry. Artificially Intelligent products need vision techniques so that they can decide and work in efficient manner.
Whatever machine vision solutions you are looking for, Waayoo can deliver you in excellent way.
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Automation & Robotics
Automation is everywhere. As per requirements, We solves automation related problems with embedded technologies. All automation based solutions are designed and developed inhouse. Whether you are looking for assembly line applications, factory automation related solutions, any kind of motorized solution, we can design and built it for you.
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