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Smart Nitrogen curm Air Inflator
Smart Nitrogen cum Air Inflator is based on Linux operating system and provides HD touch screen display. Waayoo
designs, develops and produce customize Nitrogen cum Air Inflator for our partnered wheel care equipment manufacturers only.
This smart Nitrogen Inflator shows orange theme user interface when Nitrogen is selected and blue theme user interface for
air inflator operations. Password protected admin panel is there for showing total filled tyres of air and nitrogen respectively.

Features of Smart Nitrogen cum Air Inflator-:
N2/Air Output Pressure : 0-145 Psi
Touch screen, 7 Inches HD LCD Screen 1024 x 600 Display
Nitrogen/air selection by touch screen
Nitrogen filling mode : auto inflate and re-inflate
Admin feature: password protection
Help mode for guidance
Nitrogen filling mode : auto inflate and re-inflate
Linux Inside - Easy User Interface
Beep sound on completion
Inbuild Nitrogen Generation

Benefits of Nitrogen Tyre inflator
Nitrogen maintains tire pressure better
Nitrogen keeps tires 20% cooler
Nitrogen-filled tires use less fuel
Nitrogen prolongs the life of your tires
Tests have shown nitrogen to reduce tire failures by as much as 80%