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Digital Tyre Inflator
Digital Tyre Air Inflators are widely used in petrol pumps, automobile garages, service centers, tyre shops and workshops.
Waayoo.com designs and develops customize tyre inflator for industries. Digi-Air tyre inflator is sold by our partner company Apex Technologies worldwide.
Features of Digital Air Inflator-:
Fast & accurate digital inflation up to 150 psi
Latest Microcontroller based design
Bright, superior, long life, Large Graphic LCD display
Supplied with 7 meter hose kit
Supplied with 2 meter Input hose
Display for desired SET Pressure and actual tyre Pressure
Flat Tyre Key (For new Tubes & flat tyres
Long life Touch Keypad

Corporate and customize mounting stand design available
Optional Accessories: Filter Regulator, Mounting Stand
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