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Public Information Display System
Public Information Display System (PIDS) is used in several public places like airports, railway stations, bus stands etc.
Waayoo is a solution provider for PIDS technology. A public information display system is generally consists of large size displays, small size displays and television screens etc. With proprietory hardware and software technologies Waayoo provides complete customize solution as per the requirements of enterprises.
Waayoo has partnered with several companies to deliver this solution.

Mini Display
Comes in many color options mini displays are suitable for platforms, bus bays etc. Waayoo can customize size, font, color language of these displays as per requirements. Communication to server is achieved via ethernet or RS485.
Large Led Displays
Large size displays are suitable for displaying time table of trains schedule, bus and flight departure time etc. Waayoo can customize these displays in any of the options like single color, multi color, full color, size, etc. These displays communicates with server over separate line via ethernet or RS485 protocols.
Smart TVs
Smart TVs can be installed on platforms, waiting rooms, canteens very easily. Each communicates with server over LAN. Server can also be connected to internet for accessing advertisements.
Communications System
All components of Public Information Display System communicates via ethernet or RS485 over CAT6 cables. We have made installation process very understandable.
Server Software
Waayoo has developed fast secure server software which runs on a normal computer attached with PIDS Server Hardware. These server softwares for PIDS can be customized for specific need of installtion location.

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