Frequently Asked Questions
Partnership with Companies/Firms - is offering several products & services e.g. Summer Training Programs, Winter Training Programs, Industrial Training Programs, Project Development Support, College Workshops and School Workshops across India.
Waayoo has join hands with several organizaions/companies in India for providing Waayoo's training services in several cities by establishing a training center.
In this association
Waaayoo's Role - Is to provide developers/trainers, training material, kit, content & certificates to the participants.
Partner's Role - Is to provide infrastrucute which includes classroom/Lab, Sitting arrangments & Electricity.
For any query - Call us at +91 9616420235, 9807507429
or send email to
Partnership with Colleges/Institutions - ties up with Engineering Colleges/Institutions for providing In-Campus Training Programs and Workshops to the students of Institution. For all latest In-campus training program details, write us at