Quarocopter UAV Development
Quadrotor  or quadrocopter UAV is very popular UAV design worldwide due to its vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), altitude hold capabilities.
Due to these properties several researchers and companies are implementing a lot of wonderful platforms using quadrotor mechanism. There are example of aerial photography, surveillance, inspection, mapping etc. which are using quadrotor.

Waayoo.com is offering quadrotor uav development training in various forms i.e. 2 days workshop, summer training program and full development based diploma course.

Summer Training Content

  • Quadrocopter Introduction
  • Comparision with other Aero Models
  • Aerodynamics Concepts for Quadrotor
  • Understanding 3D flying system Yaw, Pitch and Roll
  • Propellers and Propeller Types
  • Thrust Generation Mechanism by Propellers
  • Torque Balancing of Quadrotor
  • Rotating and Counter Rotating Propellers
  • Understanding BLDC Motors
  • ESC Introduction and requirement
  • Essential Electronics and Arduino Programming
  • Introduction to Sensors
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors Interfacing
  • Quadrotor Assembly
  • Assembling Lipo, ESCs, Quad Controller main board
  • Programming Quad Controller Board
  • Understanding Yaw, Pitch and Roll
  • Wireless Interfacing
  • Transmitter Simulator
  • Quadrotor Takeoff Procedure
  • Understanding different flight controllers
  • Selecting and caliberating a flight controller
  • Testing quadrotor

  • Training Fee - Rs 8500/-
    Training Duration - 60 hours
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    Kit Details

  • Quadrotor Frame(structure)
  • ESC x 4
  • BLDC motors x 4
  • Propeller CW x 2
  • Propeller CCW x 2
  • Lipo battery x 1
  • Gold connectors
  • Wireless transmitter x 1
  • Wireless receiver x 1
  • Power distribution board x 1
  • Flight controller x 1
  • Other necessary material

  • Kit cost - Rs 18000/-
    Note- Basic quadrotor programming is covered in this training. Perfectly stable flight is achieved using pre-existing flight controller.

    For Complete Flight Controller Development including stable flight, autopilot programming, there is 6 month diploma course on Quadrocopter UAV Development.