TAS v1- Hexapod Robot
TAS-v1  hexapod is a biologically inspired 6 leg based Hexapod robot developed by Waayoo. This versatile robot can be programmed to mimic the motion sequence of six leg based spider.
Each leg has 3 DOF. Kit comes with all required material and can be build easily by following the tutorials available in Learn section of Waayoo.com. Kit is manufactured and marketed by MRG.

Following are the specification of TAS-v1 Robot.

DOF 18
Weight 1.9 Kg approx
Servo Motors 12 kg-cm
Servo Controller MRG's 32 channel Servo Controller
Brain Arduino Uno Compatible
Receiver Zigbee, Bluetooth or Wifi
Transmitter or Remote Control Android app via bluetooth,
Zigbee based MAX Remote Controller,
nrf24l01 based MAX Remote Controller
MRG 32 Channel Servo Controller