Deltawing UAV
Waayoo  is always commited to bring something new to its trainees.
Deltawing UAV is a small remote controlled aircraft created at Waayoo for the purpose of spreading knowledge in aeromodelling, UAV design and it's operations.
Waayoo offers workshops and training services to students in UAV technologies across India. Deltawing UAV model is taught to build from scratch. Workshop and full training program are made available by Waayoo in Deltawing UAV development. Deltawing UAV opens doors for students from engineering colleges as well as schools to learn the concepts of aeromodelling as well as UAV. Workshop is conducted on invitation based only when significant numbers of participants are willing to attend the workshop.
Workshop focuses on development of model, electronics installation and flying part. However full training program based on Deltawing covers detail aspects of designing, development, programming, electronics, radio transmitter configuration, simulation, receiver interfacing, GPS, Telemetry, FPV and autopilot concepts.
Deltawing UAV workshop is also very popular among hobbyists.